Once a Month Sounds About Right

Old habits die hard I guess. The one-a-month pattern seems to be holding this go around as well.

Not a whole lot happening job-wise: still supporting our most profitable live game. Not much to say there.

Outside of work, I’ve been playing a few games. Starbound and Gnomoria had my attention for a while, but it eventually waned. For some reason I was struck with the desire to dust off Neverwinter Nights, a game I haven’t played in nearly a decade. I think I know why though: I had a conversation with a friend back home whom I plan to hang with when I visit my family at the end of June. He’s gonna run a D&D game when I get there, and since then I’ve been itching for some D&D goodness. The problem, though, is that I can’t make up my mind about what kind of character I want to play. I’ve made at least three so far, starting over each time. It’s still fun, but I need to just stick with one.

Dassit for now.