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Once a Month Sounds About Right

Old habits die hard I guess. The one-a-month pattern seems to be holding this go around as well.

Not a whole lot happening job-wise: still supporting our most profitable live game. Not much to say there.

Outside of work, I’ve been playing a few games. Starbound and Gnomoria had my attention for a while, but it eventually waned. For some reason I was struck with the desire to dust off Neverwinter Nights, a game I haven’t played in nearly a decade. I think I know why though: I had a conversation with a friend back home whom I plan to hang with when I visit my family at the end of June. He’s gonna run a D&D game when I get there, and since then I’ve been itching for some D&D goodness. The problem, though, is that I can’t make up my mind about what kind of character I want to play. I’ve made at least three so far, starting over each time. It’s still fun, but I need to just stick with one.

Dassit for now.

I’s Back!

Apparently my site got hacked and some malicious files were thrown onto my FTP, so my host disabled my site. I guess I should get in the habit of using unique usernames and passwords for everything!

So here we are, starting over. I don’t think I can recover my old posts, so this’ll be from scratch. I may rewrite some of my reviews, but we’ll see.

Hm, let’s see… normally I’d post a recap of what’s happened since my last post, but given the circumstances… :P Okay, the attack happened around October 2013, so what’s new since then?

Oh yeah! I have a new job! I work at Team Chaos now. Actually it’s not quite as big a jump as you’d think: it’s a sister company to Chaotic Moon. They literally share office space, so my desk moved like 30 feet. Team Chaos makes mobile games specifically, so that’s cool. It’s been fun so far!

That’s really the biggest thing. I’ve played some new games like Xenoblade, the new Phoenix Wright, the new 3DS Zelda, and I recently started Chrono Cross. I’ll post my thoughts on those soon.

Now to see how frequently I update this.